Revival of Evil & Cult Explosion - DVD

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There are 3 documentaries on this DVD . . . REVIVAL OF EVIL (53 min) is on the occult and features author Dave Hunt, CULT EXPLOSION (44 min) on cults and features the late Dr. Walter Martin. There is also the bonus feature IS THERE LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, a documentary featuring Charles Swindoll and six other married couples who give testimony to the power of Jesus Christ in healing their marriages.

- Candid shots inside Anton LaVey?s First Church of Satan
- Hypnotic regression to "prior lives"
- Psychic "revelations" from UFOs
- Witchcraft in famous rock groups
- Psychic powers and seances among teenagers
- Demonic possession through yoga
- The true power behind Ouija boards
As told by those who are still involved and others who have been triumphantly delivered through Jesus Christ.

Cults sound like Christianity and look like Christianity; they even claim to have the truth. Surprisingly, 78% of all cult groups are made up of people who have previously attended Christian churches. Cult expert Dr. Walter Martin and former Hindu Guru Robi Maharaj, explain the attraction of cults. Testimonies from ex-cult leaders disclose the secret inner core of: People?s Temple, Worldwide Church of God, Moonies, Hare Krishna, Christian Science, Scientology, Mormons, Jehovah?s Witnesses, T.M., Black Muslims, Unity and the Manson Family.