About Us

Rich Christiano started ChristianMovies.com back in 1997 becoming one of the very first websites offering Christian films to the public. His goal was to offer the best in Christian movies at discount pricing and this continues to this day.

Rich, along with his twin brother Dave, has been writing, directing, producing and distributing Christian films since 1985. In 2002, the brothers formed Five & Two Pictures which is their theatrical distribution company.

Rich's film timeline:

2022 - Mindreader
2019 - Play the Flute
2014 - A Matter of Faith
2009 - The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry
2006 - Unidentified
2002 - Time Changer
1998 - End of the Harvest
1993 - Second Glance
1991 - The Appointment

1988 - Crime of the Age
1987 - The Pretender
1985 - The Daylight Zone

If you have any questions for Rich about his films, the actors he has worked with, or with any spiritual issues, feel free to email him at rich@christianmovies.com.