Princess Cut 2: Hearts on Fire & Princess Cut 3: Beauty from Ashes - DVD 2-Pack

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Get the 2nd and 3rd movies in the Princess Cut trilogy for 1 great price!

Princess Cut 2: Hearts on Fire
Princess Cut 3: Beauty from Ashes

Princess Cut 2: Hearts on Fire - DVD
After years of trying to start a family, Robert and Lauren Anderson are excited to finally be pregnant. They eagerly share the news with Robert's older sister, Grace, who runs a small rural clinic with husband Dr. Clint Masters. Despite Grace's reassurances and motherly example, Lauren fears she won’t be able to maintain her athletic boutique and adequately raise a family. Modest success buoys her hopes, until the storms of life converge. Where do we put our hope when struggles come? Love bears all things. (110 Minutes. Closed Captioned.)

Princess Cut 3: Beauty from Ashes - DVD
Life is tough for overworked single mother Tessa Rigsby. When a domestic fight breaks out at a neighbors apartment, she intervenes. Rookie cop Mike Coleman arrives and handles the situation, asking her to testify against the abuser. Mike and Tessa develop an unexpected friendship that blossoms into a relationship of love and support, but when the assailant she testified against is released from prison, Tessa’s safety is in question and Mike must defend her. Will she finally find the new life for herself and her son that she’s been so desperately seeking? Love looks deeper. (104 Minutes. Closed Captioned.)