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Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Have you ever wondered what happened to the early Christians after the Book of Acts? What trials did they face and overcome? POLYCARP is like a journey to the past, giving us a glimpse of that world.

A young slave girl, Anna, is rescued and adopted by Christians in the 2nd century Smyrna and befriended by their aged bishop, Polycarp. As Anna is taught by Polycarp and her new family, she struggles to reconcile her beliefs with those of the Christians. When the Roman proconsul demands that all citizens worship Caesar to show their allegiance to Rome, Polycarp and the Christians must find courage to stand for their faith against the growing threat of persecution. Anna is forced to come to grips with the truth and choose whom she is willing to live - and die - for.

Special Features:
DVD Includes an additional 85 minute behind the scenes documentary on the making of the film.

Format: DVD All Regions
Languages: English
93 minutes

What others are saying

“POLYCARP is a God-honoring, Christ-centered, and moving story that will make you want to run with the divine message, while we still have the God-given liberty.” - Ray Comfort, evangelist and best-selling author

“I appreciate how this movie, based on the true historical account of the life of Polycarp, challenges all Christians concerning what we might do in the face of persecution. Because Christianity is increasingly under attack in our secularized Western world, POLYCARP is a ‘must watch’ for every Christian.” - Ken Ham, president, Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum

“POLYCARP issues a call that resonates with Joshua's mandate to 'choose you this day whom you will serve.' This is a moving story of second-century persecution, reminiscent of the persecution many believers face today.” - The Kendrick Brothers, creators of Courageous, Fireproof, and Facing the Giants