Once Upon a Time in Mongolia & Play The Flute - DVD 2-Pack

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Once Upon a Time in Mongolia - DVD

After her Mom passes away, Mya discovers an old photograph that sets her on a journey to find her long lost father in the deserts of Mongolia.  What she finds there will change her life forever.  Once Upon a Time in Mongolia is a delightful story of faith, hope and love. (101 minutes)

Play The Flute - DVD
Brandon Cobb (Brett Varvel) is a new Youth Director who takes over a youth group that’s filled with spiritual apathy. As he tries to motivate his students to get serious about their relationship with the Lord, he finds himself in an uphill battle. Although discouraged by their indifference, Brandon sticks to his calling of boldly sharing the truth of God's Word. What happens next is something Brandon and his students will never forget. (104min)