Mindreader & The Ark and the Darkness - DVD - 2 pack

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"It was the one act they wouldn't believe." 

The year is 1974 and The Great Dexter is the closing act in a variety show at The Temple Theatre. His amazing mind reading act fools everyone, including the local magicians’ association. As Dexter’s popularity grows, so does the association’s jealousy as they try to shut his act down and figure out how it’s done. (81 min)

This is a very entertaining and intriguing film that is also very evangelistic! This will be an excellent film to show to any non-believer or someone who is on the fence with the LORD or for someone that may be seeking.

Noah’s Ark withstands a global flood, corroborated by scientific evidence. 

Geology, paleontology, the fossil record, ancient history, volcanism, earth science—all of these scientific fields converge on one simple truth:  Noah’s Flood actually happened. Join our team of scientists from Answers in Genesis and Liberty University as we reveal the truth about Noah’s Flood.  (125 min)

DVD includes bonus materials such as behind-the-scenes, trailers, additional educational videos.

Watch the Trailer below: