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Princess Cut 2: Hearts on Fire - DVD

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After years of trying to start a family, Robert and Lauren Anderson are excited to finally be pregnant. They eagerly share the news with Robert's older sister, Grace, who runs a small rural clinic with husband Dr. Clint Masters. Despite Grace's reassurances and motherly example, Lauren fears she won’t be able to maintain her athletic boutique and adequately raise a family. Modest success buoys her hopes, until the storms of life converge. Where do we put our hope when struggles come? Love bears all things.

Bonus features include a 1 Hour Panel Discussion with Ashley Bratcher, Eric & Leslie Ludy, and Paul & Sheilah Munger, Blooper Reel, and Deleted Scenes

"What a powerful story of redemption and grace. Princess Cut 2 explores the difficult themes of loss and disappointment but is exceptional in reminding us of our True Hope in this life. Highly recommend!” - Paul Hastings, Host of the Compelled Podcast

• Run Time: 110 Minutes
• Language: English
• Closed Captioned
• Release Date: 11/1/2021