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231 Days - DVD

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This is an inspiring documentary!  On Nov. 11, 1998, Christian missionary Herb Gregg while walking home in the Caucasus area of Russia, was wrestled into the backseat of a car where his abductors pulled a sock cap over his face. For the next seven months Herb was held hostage. Herb triumphs with the help of his courageous wife, a Russian hostage negotiator he would never meet, and the protective hand of the Lord.

“231 Days” is Herb's amazing, inspiring story-- not just of faith, but of God's limitless power in even the darkest times.  (67 minutes)


"I am biased in regards to this story because I experienced it firsthand. Herb is my father-in-law and I walked with the family through this ordeal. Even though I knew the story, I couldn’t put the book down and the documentary is just as thrilling, with even more details to the story. Herb and Linda are incredible witnesses to the power of God and his miraculous ways. I highly recommend it- especially if you want to be reminded of God’s faithfulness, His miraculous works and his amazing Grace!"  --Linda G.

"231 Days is a gripping story of faith during a dark hour. Herb Gregg's story and that of his family will be an inspiration to Christians everywhere and encouragement to those searching for purpose in their lives." ― Rich Christiano, Christian filmmaker

"This incredible film will greatly bless the lives of Christians and expectant Christians alike" --James Kirby Martin, Managing Partner, PastQuest Media