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Mindreader & Play the Flute - Blu-ray 2 pack

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"It was the one act they wouldn't believe." The year is 1974 and The Great Dexter is the closing act in a variety show at The Temple Theatre. His amazing mind reading act fools everyone, including the local magicians’ association. As Dexter’s popularity grows, so does the association’s jealousy as they try to shut his act down and figure out how it’s done.

This is a very entertaining and intriguing film that is also very evangelistic! This will be an excellent film to show to any non-believer or someone who is on the fence with the LORD or for someone that may be seeking.

Brandon Cobb (Brett Varvel) is a new Youth Director who takes over a youth group that’s filled with spiritual apathy. As he tries to motivate his students to get serious about their relationship with the Lord, he finds himself in an uphill battle. Although discouraged by their indifference, Brandon sticks to his calling of boldly sharing the truth of God's Word. What happens next is something Brandon and his students will never forget. (104 min) Includes English Subtitles.


About The Filmmaker

Rich Christiano has been writing, producing, directing and distributing Christian movies since 1985. Some of his feature films include: Time Changer, The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, Play the Flute, A Matter of Faith, and his newest film, MindReader. His passion is to present quality films with inspiring and strong messages to motivate viewers to follow the LORD.