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7th Street Theater Complete Season Three - DVD

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Released in 2013 by Dave Christiano Films
All 20 episodes in Season Three of 7th Street Theater are on 4 DVDs in this box set. This series deals with a variety of lessons and issues all pertaining to the Christian life. Topics addressed in this third and final season of episodes include: the devil and deception (Episode 2), the name of Jesus (Episode #3), evangelism (Episode 4), idols (Episode 5), creation (Episode 6), priority in relationships (Episode 7), evolution (Episode 8), respect for authority (Episode 9), witnessing (Episode 10), end times (Episode 12), getting married (Episode 14), the kingdom of heaven (Episode 15), trials of life (Episode 17) and acknowledging God (Episode 18). This series is EXCELLENT and we highly recommend it!