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Released in 2013 by Dave Christiano Films

These two special episodes from 7th Street Theater entitled THE WORD and THE NAME present high and holy messages.

In THE WORD, an episode from Season One, the cast is asked to come up with skits to demonstrate the importance of God's word in a person's life. As time ticks down, they can't come up with an ending for their show, until suddenly something happens that changes their whole perspective on the Bible.

In THE NAME, an episode from Season Three, the cast acts out a true story where a 6th grade girl takes a stand for the holy name of Jesus in a public school setting. This real life incident has one of the most profound messages presented in the entire series.

Cast: Hugh McLean, Johanna Jowett, Shane Willimon
Josh Gaffga, Stacey J. Aswad, Bryan Gallagher
Shayne Kohout, Jack Kelly
Writer, Producer, Director: Dave Christiano

The Word - 25 minutes, Drama, Closed Captioned
The Name - 26 minutes, Drama, Closed Captioned

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