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Christiano Brothers - DVD- ALL TITLES PACK

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This packages includes all the titles written, produced and directed by the Christiano Brothers.  All 19 movies on 17 DVDS (Amazing Love is the one movie added in) and all 3 Seasons of the TV Series 7th Street Theater.  

You will receive:  Play the Flute, Always A Winner, Time Changer, The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, A Matter of Faith, Unidentified, The Perfect Race, Power of the Air, Remember the Goal, End of the Harvest, Second Glance, The Appointment, Late One Night,
Pamela's Prayer, Me & You, Us, Forever, Amazing Love, The Pretender, Crime of the Age,
The Daylight Zone and all 3 Seasons of 7th Street Theater which is 64 episodes!