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Lay It Down

A youth ministry film about illegal street racing…

What compels youth into the dangerous world of illegal street racing?

Two brothers find themselves lured into that high-adrenaline world where drivers race for fleeting glory, escaping law enforcement, and more. But at what cost?  The two Destin brothers are about to collide with eternity.
When older Ben chooses the narrow road, he forces his younger brother Pete, and the people around him, into a head-on encounter with life and death.

This film WILL hold the attention of teens and has an excellent gospel presentation towards the end of the movie.
Lay It Down is a 2001 Christian action film directed by Michael Cargile.

Sean McEwen as Ben Destin
Nathan Bell as Pete Destin
Jacob Head as Nicky ‘D’
Francesca Caro as Mrs. Destin
Michael Gier as Pastor Gus

2002 Crown Awards Gold Crown Award for Best Youth Film

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